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Burned Out Is No Way To Build A Business

Most entrepreneurs and small businesses owners are dreamers and givers who want to impact change for their families, friends, employees and communities. But most are still trying to do everything themselves.

Often working endless hours on their dream, waiting for it to become reality. They’re desperate for success and an abundant life filled with financial security, health and fulfilling relationships.

But they remain stuck, unable to scale or grow and never really enjoy their dream of success.

Movement Not Motivation

What if ONE decision and 5 minutes could change your business and your life? I’m here to help you make simple, actionable decisions that allow you to MOVE forward in your business.

Defy The Statistics

52% of Small Businesses say hiring/finding a quality team is their single biggest challenge. I will help you identify the biggest mistakes and determine clear solutions to help you find the right team members to grow your business.

Proprietary Process

86% of Small Business owners make less than $100k a year and work over 60 hours a week. I’ll work with you directly so that you can grow your business, MORE profitably with LESS of your own time.

Smash Through The
Ceiling Of Your Limiting Beliefs

If there is one simple thing that holds back the vast majority of entrepreneurs –It’s the way that they think. The same thinking that got you to where you are won’t get you to the place that you want to be. It needs to change.

Training your mind to believe and understand that there is a way for your business to operate faster, more profitably and with much less of your time is crucial.

And that’s exactly where we begin our journey.

5 Mind-Blowing Mistakes

Small Business Owners Make While Hiring

Discover the 5 damaging hiring habits most business owners have (but often don’t know they have them), that stop their business from flourishing the way that they truly desire.

Meredith Viguers

Education | Coach | Speaker

Meredith Viguers, Owner of Mpowered You, has successfully built multiple seven-figure businesses in a variety of industries. She excels in training business owners to motivate teams, put systems and processes in place and increase profitability. In addition, she mentors and coaches business owners to scale their business by hiring and training a team to accelerate growth and impact. Meredith is also a certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach with the John Maxwell Team.

Signature Talk

Build Your Business More Profitably in Less Time

Growing without a team is nearly impossible, this signature presentation equips your audience with the tools needed to change their mind, develop their people and get out of the way so that their team can grow the business for them.

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